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Welcome to Superstar Tribe Inner Circle!

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without overwhelm and stress - Yay!

"I feel like I need help with everything...there's SO much to learn.  I haven't got anyone supporting me & I really struggle to have enough time to do it all"

You're not alone lovely - I've felt all those things too (pssst...and still do sometimes). The good news is I've learnt a whole heap of useful stuff over the past 10 years and I want to share it with you!

OMG how hard is it to grow your business as a solopreneur?

There's no-one to brainstorm with, lift your spirits when you're feeling flat or say 'Whoop whoop!' to celebrate your successes.

You get BDAS (business drift along syndrome) and keep hoping for the success you deserve.

Overwhelm and self-doubt holds you back and don't even talk about the techy stuff!

Your really want to grow your business but there's SO much to learn and you just don't know where to start.

I know how hard it is because I've felt the same as you.

I've felt completely 'stuck' doing the same things, not making the money I knew I deserved and 'hoping' for things to change. After a near breakdown in 2013, I made some big changes in the way I worked and came at my business with a completely different mindset.

So what do you desire?...the freedom to work anywhere, to work flexibly around your family, to make a living doing something you love and that makes a difference in some way?

Things can change for you but you need to start doing things differently to get the business and life you desire.

So, what's next for you? The good news is, you're here. Keep reading...

Have you had a challenging business journey?

Or maybe you've failed a few times along the way? (I sure have) 🙈

Despite that, I'm pretty sure you have resilience and persistence - It's called entrepreneurial GRIT.

You carry on trying desperately to make things work but it just ain't happening.

You need someone to show you how to do things in a way that's not patronising or overwhelming. You need a place to help you channel all that grit into courageous doing...but most of all you need oodles of support and encouragement to help you along the way.

Superstar Tribe Inner Circle can help you!

Imagine an inspiring, supportive network of other women in business cheering you on and giving you feedback.

Superstar Tribe is your online 'space' where you can learn really useful stuff which will help you to take the ACTION that's needed to grow your business, all done at your own pace to fit in with your life - definitely minus any pressure or stress.

This community and learning portal was created for YOU, not only because I want to help you but because I know you have inner superness which is just itching to get out there and show the world what you're made of!

Join today for £10 per month - limited time offer!


Here's What You Get When You Join

Imagine a safe online space where you'd be fully supported on your journey. A place you can gain the skills and confidence to take your business to the next level.

When you join Superstar Tribe you'll get instant access to some amazing training, so you can get started straight away.

Each training module is broken down into step-by-step lessons which means you can easily pick things up where you left off (I know how it is when you get interrupted by the kids, dog or partner).

Everything is structured so you can easily navigate to training appropriate to your needs and there's no pressure to 'keep up' when life gets in the way.

The Facebook community is where it's at. Our closed group is where you'll get the opportunity to get support and guidance from other members (and me of course!).

We virtual high-five our successes, set our all-important business goals, share what's worked for us, network and form new friendships. There's no need to feel lonely or isolated.

Come and meet others who understand what you are going through.

Example training module

What's Inside?

Superstar Tribe is an inspiring monthly club where you get the support and training you need to grow your business online.


  • Instant Access Courses - Once you join, you'll be able to choose from a variety of courses. There's nothing more exciting than getting stuck in and learning new skills you can implement in your business straight away
  • Monthly Training - Each month you'll get access to a brand new training course on topics such as Mindset, Social Media, Marketing, List Building, Pricing and much more!
  • Community - One of the most important things about membership is our friendly, supportive group of Superstars! We all learn from each other and get inspiration and motivation to get stuff done. You'll be able to engage in both our online community forums and in our members-only Facebook group


  • Star Points - You'll earn special points when interacting on the website and bonus points for taking part in challenges and other fun activities!
  • Challenges - Participate in monthly challenges for a chance to win prizes and star points. Some challenges will encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and do those scary things you've been putting off
  • MUCH more! - Some things are best kept secret 🙂 You'll have to wait and see what other Superstar Tribe perks await you inside

Who's Inside? Don't worry, Superstar Tribe members are just like you! Be assured that when you join, you'll be in good company. We have coaches, cake makers, writers, network marketers, yoga teachers, crafters and many more amazing business owners.

There's no judging, no cliques and definitely no pressure, just lots of like-minded women working together to achieve their dreams.

What Happy Superstars Have To Say

Worth Every Penny

"The club is great. You get to meet many other wonderful ladies that are going through similar trials and tribulations. The educational videos are superb and easy to put into practice. Having the FB group to come into is fab and gives great support. There is no pressure and you can go at your own pace. I feel like I've made new friends. Worth every penny :-)"

Anna Gunton

Everyone Is Super Friendly

"I've only been in the group a couple of weeks and I already know I'm going to be a long term member.
It's a supportive non-pressured environment with the opportunity to learn and connect with each other.
Everyone is super friendly.
If you're thinking about joining I'd say go for it, an investment in yourself is always worth it."

Julie Maloney

Worth Its Weight In Gold

"I'm finding being a superstar member is worth its weight in gold. The tools and resources are fantastic, I especially love the monthly training. What I have found most useful so far is Suzannah's boundless energy and the monthly challenges."

Katie Spreadbury

Uncomplicated & Jargon Free

"Suzannah has an uncapped wealth of knowledge that she is only too willing to share with others.
She offers guidance and advice on strategies that will help improve and enhance any business, whatever the sector."

Helena Gould


More Great Reasons To Join Now

More From Superstar Tribe Members...

Gayle Johnson - I found out about Suzannah and Superstar Tribe online when I was first looking at entrepreneurship, flexible working etc. and I was drawn to the club because of the network and the training on offer.

The club is so supportive! I love how people aren’t competing with each other, they’re urging each other on. And the training is clear and helpful too

Anna Gunton - I was inspired to join the Club to meet (albeit virtually) other mums in a similar situation to me i.e. working and running a business.

The best thing about the Club is Suzannah. She is a ray of sunshine and always incredibly happy, smiley and helpful. The other members are great and it’s a safe place to learn, share ideas and have forum without prejudice or competition


Who am I anyway?

Hey there Superstar, I'm Suzannah - an enthusiastic, smiley Mumpreneur!

I first started out in business waaaay back in 2008 when I joined a direct sales company. I was the first person in the company to take my business solely online through blogging and social media.

Next, after a brief encounter with another direct sales company, followed Work for Mums website which was initially a business blog for my direct sales business. I quickly saw the amazing potential it had and re-invented it into a jobs and community website.

I won't lie, as a natural entrepreneur I've been cursed with Shiny Object Syndrome and have started (and failed) many businesses including a fair few network marketing opportunities, eCommerce sites and even a membership site back in 2012.

In 2013 I had quite an epic meltdown after a series of unfortunate life events (a bit like the film but without Jim Carrey and comedy moments) and I had to decide whether to throw in the towel, or carry on. It was what you might call a rock bottom moment. Thankfully I chose the latter.

After sorting my proverbial s*&t out, I got my act together, did a whole lot of work on mindset and business development and set about making my business a success with a new attitude of 'I can and I will most definitely will'...

Work for Mums is now one of the most popular jobs websites for mums in the UK

I also own a sister site, Jobs for Mums UK, along with a direct sales business and a health-based business directory, which all create passive online income.

In 2016, I launched my membership website Super Mums Business Club and in June 2017, after I had one of those 'niggling feelings' (I get those a lot), I decided to rebrand and move my lovely superstar members to a new home, Superstar Tribe.

My social media following now exceeds 35k which is amazing and I feel honoured to be able to serve other women.

But let's be transparent here for a moment - I'm definitely not perfect!

I still battle with anxiety, I still have days where I think "OMG what am I doing?!" and sometimes I get completely overwhelmed with balancing motherhood and business. I'm a real person who's learnt shed loads about being in business and that's what I want to share with you.

In 2016 I won Working Mum of the Year award sponsored by Pitman Training.

I live in Devon, UK, with my husband and 2 young children along with a menagerie of family pets.

Try Superstar Tribe, 100% Risk Free

Your membership has no contracts or tie-ins, so you’re free to cancel anytime.

I get really annoyed when you invest in a course or membership online and you realize you have to sign your life away before you get access! Superstar Tribe has no contracts or tie-ins which means that you can leave at anytime if things aren't working out.

You're a business owner and I want you to invest wisely but understand that sometimes circumstances change. Therefore, it's really easy to cancel your membership from your dashboard at any time. You won't be asked for a reason although can give feedback if you want to.

Join with confidence, backed by my personal 30-day money back guarantee!

If Superstar Tribe doesn't meet your expectations (although I'm pretty sure you'll love it) then let me know within your first 30 days of being a member and I'll refund you, no questions asked.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I need to dedicate to training? +

You call the shots. Each part of the training is broken down into short lessons, so you can consume the information at times to suit you, your family and your business. I'd recommend allowing at least an hour a month to keep up to date with the training. The site is accessible 24/7, so you can even access your training in the early hours if you're burning the midnight oil.

Is membership a one-off fee or a subscription? +

Superstar Tribe is run on a monthly subscription basis. When you join, your credit/debit card will immediately be charged £10. You will be charged £10 one month later, and then again every month for the duration of your membership.

Price promise: If you join at this rate, you'll always pay the same amount, even when prices increase.

You can cancel at anytime but please be aware you will lose your price promise if you re-join in the future.

Membership is protected by my personal 30-day money-back guarantee.

Is there a long-term commitment or contract? +

No. You are free to cancel your membership at anytime from your dashboard.

Can I still access the training if I cancel my membership? +

You have full access to all the content released inside the membership during the life of your membership. However, if you cancel your membership, you will no longer be able to access Superstar Tribe and will lose your price promise.

Can I join if I live outside of the U.K? +

Yes. You can join Superstar Tribe from anywhere in the World.

What if I have more questions? +

Drop me an email with your questions and I'll get back to you pronto! Ask Suzannah